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The Influence of Asphalt Concrete Underlayment on Slope Stability of the Ballasted High-speed Railways

Abstract: In recent years, a hot mix asphalt layer, known as an underlayment, has been replacing granular sub-ballast in high-speed and heavy haul tracks, aiming to overcome the limitations of traditional ballasted railways. However, there is a lack of literature regarding the impact of this layer on the slop [...] Read more

Commercial Motorcycle Operations in Tanzania: An Analysis on Youth Livelihood Improvement in Dar es Salaam City

Abstract: The commercial motorcycle industry is growing rapidly in many developing countries, including Tanzania, where there are 589,936 registered commercial motorcycle taxis, with approximately 35,000 operating in Dar es Salaam City. While existing literature explores the role of the motorcycle busin [...] Read more

Assessing the Factors influencing Road Transport Infrastructure Sustainability in Tanzania: Mediating Influence of Technology

Abstract: Sustainability concerns on Tanzania’s road transport infrastructure are mounting, calling for research in this area. This study examines technology’s mediating role in sustainability. It explores links among Economic (ECD), Environmental (ED), Social (SD), Technological (TD) dimensions, an [...] Read more

Nominal GSM-R Radio Network Design for Signalling and Train Control Systems: Case Study Dar-Moro Electrified SGR Line in Tanzania

Abstract: The recent development of High-Speed Trains (HST) operations requires real-time information transfer, high network capacity, and reliable communication for train signalling and control purposes. Rail operators face challenges as the high-speed railroad traffic grows. In a high-speed driving pr [...] Read more