Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023)

Adherence to Road Safety Laws and Regulations in Tanzania: Case of Commercial Motorcycle Taxi Operators in Dar Es Salaam

Abstract: Commercial Motorcycle Taxis (CMTs) account for a significant number of road crashes and injuries in Tanzania. The fundamental question is whether commercial motorcycle operators in Tanzania adhere to the set road traffic rules and regulations. The present study explored the level of adherence o [...] Read more

Experimental Investigation of Exhaust Gas Emission Status in Tanzania: A Case Study of National Institute of Transport Vehicle Inspection Center - Dar Es Salaam

Abstract: Exhaust gas emission is a by-product of air and fuel combustion in vehicle engines. It is a crucial contributing factor to air and environmental pollution that authorities emphasize controlling to mitigate the health and environmental hazards to communities. This was an experimental investigati [...] Read more

Realizing the Benefits of Tanzania’s Standard Gauge Railway Flagship Project. A Marketing Mix Perspective

Abstract: The Government of Tanzania has invested heavily in Flagship Projects specifically the nation's transport infrastructures to ensure that every part of the country is accessible. These include road and railway infrastructures, especially the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) which has been heavily inv [...] Read more

Constraints for the Public Private Partnerships in the Tanzania Transport Sector: A Case of Selected Port and Railway Projects

Abstract: Tanzania's government creates an enabling environment for PPP projects; however, many Contracting Authorities continue to implement projects using conventional financing mechanisms. The study aimed to explore constraints in implementing PPP projects. The study examined the nature of ongoing PP [...] Read more

Public-Private Partnership Participation in Road Infrastructure Construction Projects in Tanzania: Challenges and the Way Forward

Abstract: Developing countries face inadequate resources for funding road infrastructures. This has amalgamated the public and private sectors into a mutually beneficial relationship through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Although extensive documentation exists on PPPs globally in various sectors [...] Read more

Environmentally Responsible Behavior among Consumers in Tanzania: A Descriptive Analysis of ECOSCALE Dimensions

Abstract: This study examined how Tanzania consumers are environmentally responsible as an intervention to ensure sustainable environmental protection. This is an area which contain anecdotal findings in Tanzania despite growing world-wide debate on its importance in the current era. Despite many efforts [...] Read more