Peer Review Process

The Journal of Logistics, Management and Engineering Sciences uses a double-blind peer-review process. To facilitate anonymity in peer-reviewing, the author's name or similar identification marks do not appear on any manuscript page other than on a separate sheet. The separate sheet bears the name(s) of the author(s), the article's title, contact address, and a short biographical note. Initially, the Chief Editor receives a manuscript and does an in-house review to ensure it conforms to the Journal's scope, format and policies. If the manuscript conforms, the editor sends it out to two (2) reviewers who are anonymous to the author. The double-blind review intends to ensure that the submitted manuscript is judged fairly, avoiding any form of bias, keeping bias and the reviewer is given some level of protection against criticism.

The review focuses on the quality of the manuscript in terms of its scholarly content within the Journal’s scope, structure, and originality. When the author finishes incorporating the reviewer’s comments, the manuscript is sent to the reviewers, confirming that the reviewer’s comment has adequately been addressed. After reviewers’ observation, the Chief Editor can either retain the manuscript if the comments were adequately addressed or retuned to the author to address any deficiency identified. This process takes six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Depending on the outcome of the review process, the author will be required to undertake major or minor corrections as suggested by the reviewers. If major corrections are suggested, the author is supposed to resubmit the revised work, which will be sent back to the reviewers for vetting. In some cases, the manuscript may be rejected outright.  Once the review process is over, the work is sent to the editorial board to decide.