Information for Reviewers

The journal will adopt a double-blind peer review whereby the author and reviewers don’t know each other. The Editors will preliminarily review the submitted manuscript. Any manuscript that appears not to abide by the journal Manuscript Guidelines will be sent back to the Author with comments for corrections or rejected outright. The corrected manuscripts will be assigned to at least three (3) competent peer reviewers in the subject area for blind review. Suppose two (2) reviewers out of the three (3) agree with the manuscript contents and standards. In that case, the manuscript will be eligible for publication and final reviewer comments will be sent to the author(s) for revision. If two (2) reviewers out of three (3) disagree with the manuscript contents and standards, then the manuscript will be rejected outright or conditionally. Additionally, no more than four (4) weeks will be spent retaining of the article under review before removal from the journal database (this refers to authors' delays in revising the article as per reviewers' comments). At most 14 days will be spent for review, and additional 14 days for accommodating cases of delays.